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Have you faced the dilemma where you want to do so many things, but you just don’t have the energy to do them? Instead, all you want to do is to plop down on the bed and sleep? Or you had a very stressful day and you can’t seem to recharge even after trying everything? This happens because hormones like adrenaline and glucose from the liver are released into your bloodstream when you are stressed. If you find yourself feeling this way often, we at IndusViva recommend our refreshing energy drink, iCharge. Composite herbal ingredients of this drink are carefully selected to nourish your body and give you long-lasting energy.



Ashwagandharishta is a well-known Ayurvedic liquid concoction that is known to reduce stress and improve overall health. It decreases anxiety, improves alertness and provides your body with the stamina it needs to fight and recover from aches and pains. It also helps in the proper functioning of the liver, thus aiding in digestion. In some cases, it is also used to treat depression.

Balarishta is an Ayurvedic medicine which is used to treat diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal system. It is enriched with Bala (Sida cordifolia) that is believed to strengthen the nerves. It also has anti-inflammatory effects and is known to strengthen the bones and muscles.

Drakshasava is a powerful tonic that is used to treat respiratory disorders and other ailments. It also aids in overall digestive health and helps to maintain a healthy appetite. It helps in cleansing the intestine, thus making it a valuable medicine to treat gastritis and hyperacidity.

iCharge is a unique blend of 80 herbs from three composite Ayurvedic formulations, that clearly has a lot of adaptogenic effects that help to calm your nerves and ease agitation. Each of these ingredients is carefully tailored into the right amounts to provide you with maximum effects. Natural rejuvenation, energy that lasts up to eight hours and improved sports performance are some of the benefits which you may experience after drinking this blend. Moreover, iCharge is caffeine and sugar-free. It is also non-addictive, even when used for a longer period of time. This is why we recommend grabbing a can of iCharge, rather than a cup of coffee or other caffeinated drinks, the next time you feel stressed or lethargic. Increased stress can have drastic effects on your health; it can even alter your metabolism, which in turn can lead to an array of diseases. So, we recommend grabbing a can of iCharge to grab your health.



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